Allow us to remove your hair with minimal irritation, avoiding effects of razor burn and follicle irritation, while still receiving the best benefit. Our professional estheticians will best select the appropriate wax for each body area and hair type. We use a cream wax with strips for those larger areas and a hard blue wax for the more delicate or smaller areas on the body. These treatments will slowly minimize hair growth and texture over time. This is a great alternative to laser hair removal or electrolysis due to them not being suitable for all skin and hair types.


Back                                     55.00+

Back w/ Shoulder & upper arm         75.00

Bikini                                   45.00

Brazilian                             70.00

Mini Brazilian                  60.00

Brows                                  25.00

Cheeks                                20.00

Chin                                     20.00

Full Arm                            60.00

Half Arm                            45.00

Full Leg                              80.00

Half Leg                              50.00

Full Leg w/Bikini           105.00

Half Leg w/Bikini          75.00

Full Face                             60.00

Lip                                        15.00

Neckline                             20.00

Shoulder/ upper arm      20.00

Stomach Line                    15.00

Sideburns                            20.00

Underarms                         25.00


No waxing or exfoliation services will be performed on clients using Retin-A, Renova, Prescription strength Glycolic Acid or Accutane. Waxing or exfoliation of skin while on medication may cause severe reaction and/or damage to your skin.


To ensure the best waxing experience, there are many things to follow.

It is helpful to follow these guidelines but please know that everyone

has a different growth pattern and skin condition.

Hair normally grows at your own rate and at the length it is already programmed in your body.

Hair has 3 cycles of hair growth. Meaning once you have removed the hair, it will grow at 3 separate speeds so you will automatically see less hair growth. It will take approximately 4-6 weeks to ensure you will have all 3 sets showing. this is the best time to wax so that you can have cleaning skin longer. If you continue to wax steadily at the 4-6 week mark, you will allow the hair to not attach to the skin and the sensation will get less and less. Also, hair will only regrow so many times,.. we do not know what this is, only God Knows! but what this means is over time, the root will die off and you will have thinner hair and hair that will not regrow. That is the goal, YES!!

All wax regardless of Hard Wax or Soft Wax needs to be a a particular length. Hard wax is recommended to at least be at the length of 1/2 an inch to an inch. Too short, the wax will not pull cleanly. Too long, there may be more uncomfortable sensation. It is OK to trim but please use scissors instead of clippers! Also, please note that some skin types may be sensitive to heat causing a heat rash and or sensitive to ingredients in was such as, tea tree, lavender, honey etc. 

1. Please know that the key to waxing is EXFOLIATION!! Dead skin is your enemy!

Please exfoliate before you get any waxing done. Nothing aggressive within 2 hours before.

Best recommendation is a hand exfoliating mitt of a cloth that is gritty for the body and a facial scrub for the face. The puffs you receive with shower gels do not EXFOLIATE! They mainly create lather. Exfoliating will remove the dead skin that covers the hair allowing it to be closer to the

root and it also stands up straight.

2.First time clients: Please know that the first time is the most sensitive

due to the root never being removed before.

3. If you shave, please allow 3 weeks of growth to ensure that your hair

is at the proper length to be removed. Any thing shorter, we may be able to wax some that are ready but there will be hair left behind that we will NOT be able to wax. You may tweeze these hairs if you choose but its time consuming and not FUN!

4. After waxing, you may be a little red and show bumps due to the pulling sensation. This should go away within 2-3 hours.

5. We recommend NOT to go swimming in pools or lakes, saunas or hot tubs the same day you get waxed. Please allow your follicle shafts to close and be less sensitive.

6.Please exfoliate at least every other day after waxing and not just the day before. This will help prevent the hair does not curl under the skin and cause ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs and created because the hair is now having to regrow from the bulb and it changes its direction of growth.

WE also recommend TEND SKIN which is a topical solution that will assist in the

prevention of ingrown and bumps.

We hope that these tips will assist and allow you to have the BEST waxing experience possible!!

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