Massage Therapy

Step into your senses and allow our professional staff to help you return to a state of Wellness. Allow us to help you find the right massage to fit what your body is in need of. Our professional massage therapists want to help your body heal, relieve tension and allow you to continue your day feeling your absolute best. Come and relax and let us do the rest. 


Aroma Therapy Massage -

60 minutes $ 95.00

90 minutes $ 125.00

This therapeutic massage will stimulate your lymphatic system and calm nerves. We will select pure essential oils to fit your body's needs. You have a choice of balancing, revitalizing, detoxifying, stress-relieving or therapeutic sports oils. Most heat packs included.

Deep Tissue Massage -

60 minutes $ 100.00

90 minutes $ 135.00

This massage uses a special combination of techniques utilizing the hands and forearms for stretching and pressure point therapy, which will help to relax the body, increase circulation and decrease muscle tension.

Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage -

Relaxing 30 minutes $ 50.00

Relaxing 60 minutes $ 95.00

Deep Tissue 30 minutes $ 55.00

Deep Tissue 60 minutes $ 110.00

A combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques to focus on the areas where the most stress and tension accumulate. Includes moist heat packs and arm feet massage.

Relaxing Massage -

60 minutes $ 95.00

90 minutes $ 125.00

A classic European Swedish massage that includes kneading, pressing, long strokes and rocking to ease all tension. Also includes stretching, range of motion and some reflexology. Moist heat packs included.

Prenatal Massage -

60 minutes $ 100.00

90 minutes $ 135.00

Melt into our specially designed maternity fitting pillows on our TempurPedic table and receive this relaxing, nurturing massage that will increase circulation and ease the effects of your growing body. Soothing essentials oils will provide serenity and comfort.

Hot Stone Therapy -

60 minutes $ 105.00

90 minutes $ 140.00

This great stress-relieving therapeutic massage uses the special combination of hands on and Hot Stones for a deeper massage to relax the muscle, increase circulation and decrease muscle tension.

Therapeutic Foot Massage-

30 minutes $55

Alleviate all tension and stress your feet hold from all that they carry. Receive much relief with a pressure point and stress relieving techniques. We usie a therapeutic massage lotion and finish with warm towels to soothe and stimulate blood circulation.

Scalp Massage-

30 minutes $50

Choose from different essential oils to relieve and soothe different needs for your hair and scalp while receiving relaxing and stimulating massage movements:

Tea Tree - Dandruff

Peppermint - Hair Loss

Rosemary - Hair Loss

Chamomile - Dry scalp

*Coconut - Deep Conditioning

(*May be used at a root to tip treatment to deep conditioning)

Note: ALL Scalp treatments are recommended to leave on for 2-3 hours or overnight for maximum benefits.

Since we do not provide showers, PLEASE NOTE that you will need to be prepared to leave with essential oil in your hair. We do recommend to call Kim our hair stylist to book and shampoo and style after your treatment.  

Couples Massages:

Due to a change in our Business format and new location, we will NO LONGER be offering Couples massages in the same room. We wish to accommodate your relaxation needs and can offer massages provided in separate rooms and will honor the Special Couples Pricing. Please call to make proper arrangements and also to ensure proper staffing is provided.

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